Spinagogue - The First-Ever Dreidel Spinning Stadium

Created by Eric Pavony

Spinagogue - The First-Ever Dreidel Spinning Stadium
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When it comes to the holidays, Christmas may have the best movies, songs and fanciful characters, but holy shin, Hanukkah has the best game! 

These 8 crazy nights are now crazier than ever with Spinagogue, the official dreidel stadium for spinning, winning, gelt and glory.

As you know, every game needs an arena, a place where all the action happens. Football is played on a field, tennis is played on a court and baseball is played on a diamond. Now, dreidel is played on a Spinagogue. 

It's the gift that keeps on spinning. At home, school or parties, Hanukkah is not the same without this dreidel game!





The object of the game is to spin the dreidel longer than your opponent. "Longer" pertaining to the length of time the dreidel spins from the release to the finish, from the moment the dreidel leaves your fingers to the moment it comes to a complete rest on its side. Watch out for those Spin Zone walls, they decrease in size as the tournament rounds progress. MLD can be played two ways: head-to-head or a round robin.

Get your peanuts and latkes ready, Spinnings is dreidel baseball! 

The object of the game is to score more gelt coins "baserunners" across home plate than your opponent. After 9 Spinnings, the spinner with the most gelt coins "runs" is the winner.

Target Tops is a spin on the classic boardwalk game of Skee-Ball®. Spin the dreidel up the lane and try to sink it into the highest point targets. Target Tops challenges both the accuracy and consistency of a spinner.

The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent each frame (9 spins) by landing the dreidel inside of the highest point targets.

Dueling Dreidels is a full contact, spinning showdown where anything can happen. When a spinner possesses the "Magic Dreidel" it's them versus the entire Spinagogue. If they can successfully dodge the other dreidels in the Spin Zone with clever and sneaky maneuvers, they have a chance to be the last dreidel spinning and win a point.

While Spinagogue takes pride in its many modern and exciting dreidel games, it recognizes that none of them would be possible without the original. Traditional Dreidel is best played with friends and family the way it was in ancient times.


It was December 2006, I was at my parent's annual Hanukkah party hosted at my childhood home. As always, it was an awesome holiday affair, complete with friends, family, traditional decorations, music and food. Towards the end of the night, after I had consumed an ample amount of my mom's latkes and a fair share of my dad's vodka, I came to a realization. Nobody had yet to spin a dreidel. Despite the fact that many dreidels adorned the table, not a single adult chose to spin one during the party. Why, I pondered.

Confused, I picked up one of the dreidels and challenged my dad to a traditional game. After a few spins each, both me and my dad were bored of this simple game of chance. We were also frustrated with how the dreidel continued to fall off of the dining room table. It was then, on this Festival of Lights, a lightbulb went off in my head. I quickly grabbed a stopwatch and fashioned a "Spin Zone" out of my mom's cookbooks. I challenged my dad to a "Dreidel Spin-Off", who could keep the dreidel spinning for a longer amount of time in a confined space.

Me and my dad took turns spinning and keeping time. 10.5 seconds! 11.37 seconds! 15.88 seconds! We began to passionately encourage our dreidels, telling them to "SPIN! SPIN! SPIN!". Friends and family members still at the party started to gather around the table to see what all the commotion was about. It didn't take long until everyone began cheering for me and my dad as we battled for the longest spin. I sketched out a tournament bracket and wrote down the names of everyone in the room. Little did I know, but this was the first-ever Major League Dreidel competition and the blueprint for what would ultimately become the "Spinagogue".

The following year I held an official MLD tournament at Sidewalk Cafe in the East Village of Manhattan. 32 spinners competed, with nearly 100 people in attendance. The event was a success! It was clear that other adults had grown tired of the traditional game, but still enjoyed the act of spinning a dreidel. I called my good friend John, a graphic designer and my cousin Scott, who runs a packaging company. Together we embarked on designing and manufacturing the Spinagogue, the first-ever dreidel spinning stadium.

The board game came out even better than we had imagined, complete with other brand new dreidel games. I sold it at Major League Dreidel events around the country, at a few online shops and even at Bed, Bath and Beyond! However, it was a lot of work and I had another business to manage. Sadly, I could no longer afford to make more Spinagogues and eventually they ran out. The love and demand for Spinagogues, however, did not waver. Every year around Hanukkah, I would get flooded with emails and phone calls from people who wanted a Spinagogue as a gift for their family or friends, for their school or synagogue. I felt awful telling everyone I was out of stock each year. I knew the game brought smiles and joy to people and made Hanukkah more festive and fun for everyone.

Early this December, when I was lamenting about not having anymore Spinagogues for yet another Hanukkah, my friend said, "just do a Kickstarter, that way anyone that wants one can get one."

And here we are!













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Latest Updates from Our Project:

about 2 months ago – Tue, Mar 07, 2017 at 11:19:13 PM

Hi Everybody,

I hope 2017 has started off strong and happy for you.

Things continue to spin along on our end and I wanted to update you guys on a few fun things.

1. The Hanukkah Gone Metal digital download rewards will go out this week

2. The Happy Hanukkah postcard rewards are going out next week

3. The Major League Dreidel T-Shirt rewards are being printed next week and will ship soon after that

4. We're finalizing the Spinagogue artwork for our manufacturer

5. You may be getting an email from BackerKit, who are helping us fulfill these rewards

Have a spincredible day and stay tuned for more Spinagogue updates soon as we continue to ship out rewards and manufacture the games.

No Gelt, No Glory!


Spinagogue is Now on Jewcer
3 months ago – Fri, Feb 03, 2017 at 10:53:31 AM

Happy February everybody,

I wanted to let you know that Spinagogue is now live on Jewcer. That's the Jewish centric crowdfunding campaign I mentioned. It's up for only 14 days, so if you missed out on grabbing a Spinagogue at the special $39 price you have the opportunity to do that now on Jewcer. All of the fun reward options are available, so please let your friends and family members know there is still time. 

You can find the Spinagogue Jewcer campaign HERE!

Thanks so much. Have an awesome Friday and a fun-filled weekend. 



3 months ago – Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 11:38:42 PM

You came, you saw, you supported!

I'm delighted to announce that because of YOU, the Spinagogue campaign was a sweet success. We even out spun our goal!

Thank you for pledging and for following this spincredible Kickstarter journey. The Spinagogue is back baby!

I'll be tossing the Spinagogue up on Jewcer for a very short campaign. Jewcer is a nonprofit crowdfunding platform that helps Jewish ideas and dreams become reality. I'm excited to introduce the Spinagogue to more people through this cool niche network.

So, if you wanted to up your pledge on Kickstarter, but didn't do it in time, you still have a chance to get a Spinagogue at the same pre-order price on Jewcer. If you have friends or family who missed out on our Kickstarter campaign, they too can still get a Spinagogue at the same pre-order price. We hope to get it up on Jewcer this week. As soon as it's live I'll let you guys know.

Right after the Jewcer campaign ends, we'll be starting production. I'll keep you posted along the way as manufacturing progresses.

In Major League Dreidel news...

I'm happy to announce that after all was said and spun, Jason Longval "Jay Spin", is the 2017 Dreidel Tour Champion. Yup, Little Rock, Arkansas is now home to America's Top Dreidel Spinner! Jay Spin, with his astounding winning dreidel time of 49.14 seconds, made the cover of GELT Magazine. Way to go Jay Spin, much deserved recognition for a true dreidel spinning superstar.

Here's a list of Dreidel Tour City Champions:

Little Rock - Jay Spin (49.14)

Memphis - Spinamon Girl (43.48)

Nashville - Teddy Ruxspin (32.67)

Louisville - Lisa Spinson (44.37)

Cleveland - Zoobie; Spin It (37.97)

Ypsilanti - Goy to the World (48.22)

Chicago - Spinjamin (40.52)

Washington, DC - Edgar Allan POTUS (38.95)

Philly - Mr. Cheese Wiz (37.15)

Brooklyn - Spincredible Hulk (41.38)

Austin - Obi One Spinobi (44.99)

I'll leave you with this super cute photo below. Just a heads up for any of you with a kitty cat. They love to curl up and nap in the hexagon-shaped box. Graycie, my little munchkin, also likes to dance in it.

Thank you so much. We spun did it!



Dreidel Tour & Spinagogue Finale!
3 months ago – Mon, Jan 23, 2017 at 11:06:54 PM

Hello from New York!

Man oh man, it's been quite a road trip since Dreidel Tour began. So much spinning, so much grinning, so much fun.

You may have already heard, but the Dreidel Tour "Bus" took a little spin of its own up in Wisconsin. Thankfully, everybody was okay and no Spinagogues were harmed. However, we did have to cancel a few stops on the tour due to the accident. But, Dreidel Tour has kept on spinning!

One of the best nights was in Ypsilanti. This awesome Michigan town is home to a former MLD Champion and to Team Smoot, a group of friends and dreidel enthusiasts. They came out to Wurst Bar to spin, win and have a blast! Not only was it a rad party, but they posted some of the highest times of the entire tour. When the night was over, three spinners from Ypsi cracked the national Top 10! Check out this little video recap below.

Chicago, DC and Philly were spincredible stops.

We drank amazing coffee and spun with an Air Guitar World Champion at Star Bar. 

Then, it was off to our Nation's Capital. Over 500,000 people showed up in DC to spin the dreidel! Hee, hee. Just kidding. Most of them were there for the Women's March, but some of them put their amazing signs down long enough to spin. It was an inspiring and love-filled day. 

We set up the Spinagogue in Philly, where else, at a cheesesteak joint. And not just any cheesesteak joint, Pat's King of Steaks. By the time we left it was known as Pat's King of Spins! 

I am thrilled to announce, I personally set the World Record for Longest Dreidel Spin on a Philly Cheesesteak! My mom is so proud. What a delicious Dreidel Tour stop in Spinadelphia.

Right now, I'm writing to you from my parent's kitchen in Ossining, NY. It's in this very kitchen where Major League Dreidel and the Spinagogue were born. A fitting place to be as the Kickstarter campaign winds down and we soon celebrate with friends and family at the Full Circle Bars in Brooklyn and in Austin.

If you live near FCB Brooklyn or FCB Austin, please come out Tuesday, January 24 for the Dreidel Tour / Spinagogue Campaign Finale! This will be your last chance to spin and get your name on the National Spinner Leaderboard. Right now, Jay Spin from Little Rock is still holding onto that #1 spot with a total spin time of 49.14 seconds. Can someone in Brooklyn or Austin surpass his mighty spins on the last night of the tour and become... America's Next Top Dreidel?!?

Virtual Dreidel (2008 MLD Champion) and Gelta Force (MLD World Record Holder) both live in New York. So, it's not in the bag for Jay Spin just yet. Jay Spin's average spin was 16.38 seconds. That's bonkers! However, if anyone can top that, it's these two dreidel legends. We know Gelta can out-spin a 16, he set the World Record with an 18.03. Virtual Dreidel is famous for his consistently long 15+ and 16+ spins under pressure. If these two guys show up in Brooklyn, they're gonna spin tough and melt some gelt. Be sure to tune in LIVE! 

I am also so happy to announce that we now have 450+ backers! That's a beautiful thing. Seeing so many people welcome the dreidel as a bona fide table top board game warms my heart. Thank you all for the love and support this last month. It's because of you we are 121% funded. And, there's still 37 hours left to go! Let's keep pushing together beyond the goal and see how high the Spinagogue can fly.

We will be live streaming from FCB Brooklyn and FCB Austin tomorrow night, so if you can't make it, please join in wherever you are as we celebrate the dreidel, the Spinagogue, the tour, the campaign and EACH OTHER!

Love & Gimels,



Dreidel Tour: 5 City Recap
3 months ago – Sat, Jan 14, 2017 at 06:24:01 PM

Greetings from the road!

The 2017 Dreidel Tour is spinning along smoothly and we're having a blast in every city. It truly is astonishing to see all sorts of folks, from state to state, falling in love with competitive dreidel. Inevitably, the coffee shops, bars and breweries where we set up the Spinagogue, quickly overflow with high fives, hugs and even some mild trash talk. Yup, dreidel trash talk! It's a beautiful thing.

Last night we were at Side Quest, a magical board game bar in Cleveland. Right now, we're headed towards The Wurst Bar in Ypsilanti, Michigan. It's home to JuSpin Bieber, a former MLD National Champion. Can he take the lead nationally tonight? Can he break the world record?!? We'll find out...

Here's a look at some Major League Dreidel stats and the current Spinner Leaderboard after 5 cities have spun. 

For more info and the complete national leaderboard click HERE!


1. Jay Spin - 49.14 (Little Rock)

2. The Matzoh Brawler - 46.19 (Little Rock)

3. Spinning Machine - 44.75 (Little Rock)

4. Lisa Spinson - 44.37 (Louisville)

5. That's What Shin Said - 44.25 (Little Rock) 

6. Spinglorious Bastard - 43.97 (Little Rock)

7. Spinamon Girl - 43.48 (Memphis) 

8. Challah at Yo Dreidel - 41.98 (Memphis) 

9. Spinnie the Pooh - 41.78 (Memphis) 

10. Gelt Buckle - 41.69 (Louisville)


1. Jay Spin - 16.78 (Zone 2) 

2. The Mad Spinster - 16.06 (Zone 1) 

3. That's What Shin Said - 15.87 (Zone 2) 

4. Lisa Spinson - 15.79 (Zone 1) 

5. Spinglorious Bastard - 15.56 (Zone 1)

Here are a couple video montages from two recent Dreidel Tour stops.


The Tour spins on! 

After all is said and spun, who will be... America's Next Top Dreidel?

More from the road soon guys. Tomorrow, we head to The Spindy City. 

Oh, almost forgot, we're nearly at $20k! Spincredible! 

Oh man, almost forgot to share this. The lovely people at The Forward wrote a very cool piece about Dreidel Tour. Check it out HERE. 

Thank you backers and friends!